Publicado por: Felipe Francisco | novembro 29, 2008

I apologize for being so angry, but those who attempted to steal from my friends (you) will be given no mercy.


November 29th, 2008
Chat Fix
Bug with [Warning] and [Moderator] corrected
An exploit was found allowing some players to send color coded messages that looked like official server [Warning] messages or [Moderator] messages. Minimal fixed this issue and restarted all the servers this morning.

The reason I am so upset is that several malicious players abused this exploit to pose as Moderators and tricked players into giving them their passwords — and stealing their accounts. Reens is going through by hand correcting over 100 stolen accounts.

In the past you have seen me understanding and compassionate when players have taken advantage of a hole in the game. But I will not tolerate anyone attempting to fraud you and steal your accounts! Those individuals who are responsible are having their accounts deleted and are being perma-banned. Period. They are not welcome to play AdventureWorlds ever again. (In our most extreme case, a user stole 100 accounts. As punishment we have deleted ALL of their characters and banned ALL of their accounts in AQW, DF, MQ, AND AQ.)

We do everything in our power to protect your accounts, but there is one part we need your help on. Please, never give out your password to anyone. Not even staff. A real staff members does not need your password to look up and modify your account. This is true for all of our games. Also beware of third party programs claiming to hack or cheat as they too will steal your password or trigger the cheater flag from our servers. If you have mistakenly given out your password, please change your password it using the “manage account” link. If your password has been changed, please use the “Forgot my password.” link. Reens set the stolen accounts back to their original email addresses, so it will email your password to you.

I apologize for being so angry, but those who attempted to steal from my friends (you) will be given no mercy.

Saibam que estou com muito medo dele.
Não vou traduzir pq já é 1h da manhã D:

E isso é uma coisa muito importante, leiam com atenção



  1. putz eu li e o kara disse q qem continua robanu conta eles nau vao ter nenhuma piedade =S

  2. :O caramba esa ai foi fatal!!

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