Publicado por: Felipe Francisco | outubro 20, 2008

Hack de GunZ, The Duel.


MIRAGE FTW! 1337 <33

Alt + P = Server Spam
Alt + S = Stage Spam
Alt + L = Lawnmower
Alt + M = Insane Massives
Alt + X = Character name hack
Numpad 1,0,2,4,6,8 = Teleport
Alt + T = TOFU TOWER!!!
Alt + D = Dash Proness
Alt + F = Flipmower

The Spams only spam the message “Mirage Rocks.” If you’re curious, yes i do rock. And No, i’m not changing the message.

For the character name hack you need to create charnames.txt in your gunz folder. In this file put the name you wanna use. Then press alt + x at character create screen.

The Dash Proness is basically constant dashes streaming off your body. A bit of thanks goes to lone22 for being pro at guessing params.

The tofu hack will spam tofu for a good solid 3 minutes. Make sure you have meds equipped. No you can’t stop it. And if you get d/ced to the lobby. You’re boned for about 2 minutes.

As for injections/bypasses,

I’m just taking the fmod.dll from glock’s release and using it. I’m not making an fmod specifically for this dll, because i’m on vista, and the call would probably only work for my computer. If you actually want to know: Sean, x1nixmzeng, and hitachihex each discovered the method. They all rock, so give them a round of appluase.

Another possible injection method is moon lightengine… i’m pretty sure that still works? Not entirely certain, as i don’t use it. There’s also that core injector… idk if that works either, as i don’t use it.

Yes this is the PUBLIC hack. But before you decided buying the private..
If you buy the hack from him or donate to him, and if you are from HERE. Please tell him Kenoz is the one who put the thread for you to buy the hack. Tell them it was me who ran you toward the hack. AND THE PRIVATE HACK WILL NEVER BE PATCHED! Auto updates the offsets. But the injection method might be patched, though you could find others. There are a few other injection methods out there.

Okay, people, i’ve included an attachment called “hacktastic” All you need to do is move all of the contents of that rar to your gunz folder, and then run gunz. Then you go and beat gunz. Lemme know what the endings like.

HAVE FUN!??!?!

yea, k


Contacting Me
—->MSN (Don’t email this, i don’t read them. This msn used to belong to someone else. So, i don’t really use the email)
mirageofpenguins @ hotmail . com
—-> GZP
PM me
superpenguin729 @ gmai l. com
—->Getting Help
If you have questions, you can PM me or IM me. If you don’t speak very good english, i will get frustrated quickly, and i will yell random things at you in caps. If you don’t ask well-worded questions, i will probably yell at you in caps also. If you ask generally dumb questions, i will remark “Rotate your monitor 180 degrees, and try again.” Then i’ll probably yell at you in caps. I love caps. I won’t teach you how to hack. I will answer hacking related questions. If you ask me a question that is already on the F.A.Q. i will just yell at you then never respond to you again.


—->F.A.Q. (I respond to your questions here, check to see if yours has been answered before asking a new one)

Q. Are you going to release a godmode?
A. Nope, Sethp/setap are patched. And the ways around this, i’m keeping private as are the other hackers.

Q. Why is there no Respawn?
A. Because, on the rare occasion i play gunz, i don’t want people coming back to life after i’ve killed them.


Q. You leeched this from glockheadshot.
A. Glockheadshot can’t hack. Whoever told you he could, lied. All glock did was take lone’s dll and update it with my offsets. That doesn’t make him a hacker. Also the fmod injection method i knew of far before him. x1nixmzeng had been using it for at least 3 months prior to when Sean arrived on the gunz scene.

Q. Source?
A. Nope.

Q. Why?
A. Ancient secret.

Q. Why can’t i join a server?
A. Uninstall/reinstall gunz. Run gunz once to update it. Move all of my files to your gunz folder. Try again.

Q. It doesn’t work because _______
A. MSN me.

Q. Teach me to hack.
A. Maybe Later.

Q. Great now fmod will be patched. noob.
A. Even if gunz checksums it, i have other bypass methods. We’re cool. Remove the cock from your ass and have seat. Stay awhile. We’ll make tea and possibly biscuits. On second thought, screw the biscuits.

Q. Why are the functions so cool?
A. I felt that the public could have some cool stuff that didn’t ruin the game for other players. Your welcome.

Q. You’re hacks aren’t very useful.
A. I don’t care. I don’t really want you to have hacks that allow you to ruin the game. I just want you to have a little fun. Go suck a cock.

Q. Why are you so pro?
A. I was taught by x1nixmzeng and hitachihex… if you don’t know them… then its irrelevant.

A. Fmod uses a library call which can occasionally need to be different on different computers. I CAN FIX IT FOR YOU. But it will require remote software, and you’ll have to gift me/ pay me for my work.

Q. You have no life.
A. This dll took 15 minutes to make. Another 15 minutes to unpack gunz and find addresses. The other 23 hours and 30 minutes of my day i spent at work and then later at my girlfriend’s house. I have a life, a good one. Now you can go find the nearest cock and suck it.

Q. You suck at hacking.
A. There are plenty of people better than me. I don’t care. Most of them are great people. You however, are not.

Q. Gunz keeps crashing.
A. You’ll have to msn me, and explain what you did in more detail.

Q. You’re not responding on msn.
A. Then i don’t love you.

A. No, i find it hilarious.

Q. The med tower kicks me to lobby and won’t let me back in the room?
A. This is because i use leave/join game to refill your meds, and that occasionally errors. Just hope it doesn’t happen to you. I could add a thread kill so you can stop it and get back in the room, but i’m terribly lazy. Sorry =b.

Q. When i server spam, i get a lot of hacking attempts.
A. Due to reasons i can’t tell you, that’s the only way i know of to server spam. Just deal with it. You won’t crash, and you’ll keep spamming. But there’s nothing i can do about it.

Leia tudo e faça o download:

A. I like beeps. I can’t use message boxes with fmod, so i used beeps. Deal with it.

Q. I met you in gunz and you were an *******.
A. You probably met an imposter, i don’t play gunz much. And i’m an *******, but i’m polite about it. It ends up being pretty funny. Anyways, you probably met someone pretending to be me. Don’t worry about it.

Q. Can you change the hotkeys for me?
A. If you’re not a dick, and you msn me at a good time, i’ll change them for you.

Q. I want private functions.
A. Then you get to msn me and pay me.

Q. Wanna suck my dick ? charging people for changing hotkeys which takes 5 seconds lol, plus “your” .dll is coded shitty, learn to program loser.
A. Could you get that cock out of your mouth before you speak to me? thanks, man.

Q. What the hell is your problem?
A. I love too much.

Q. You’re a bastard.
A. Yes.

Q. How do you make hacks?
A. With dreams and a tiny pinch of magic.

A. No.

Q. You suck.
A. And you like to have sex with men.

Q. This hack no work.
A. Your english no work.

Q. Can we have respawn?
A. I love you, but no. When i kill you, you shall stay dead until such a time that god deams you worthy of life (5 seconds later).

Q. Why do you hack?
A. Why not?

Q. No seriously, why do you hack?
A. Because its funny.

Q. That’s not a reason.
A. You shut your mouth.

Q. What do you write your hacks in?
A. Spanish.

Q. Spanish isn’t a coding language.
A. Do you know spanish?

Q. Well, no…
A. Then you shut your filthy whore mouth.

Q. Can you please put respawn and godmode in it for free?
A. Can you please put a fork in a lightsocket?

Q. Your mean.
A. You’re*

Q. Can i get banned for using this?
A. No, show it to a gm, they’ll just laugh and congratulate you. They’ll also give you a new car.

Q. Why can i only create female characters?
A. Because i didn’t bother to make two functions(male and female). So, females it is. Again, deal with it.

Q. Why is lawn so slow?
A. Put a shirt on. No seriously, for reasons unknown if you have no shirt on, the lawnmower sucks. So just wear one.

Q. Is it possible to stop the medspam?
A. Possible? Yes. Did i put it in the dll? No.

Q. Can i have the source code? Please?
A. No, its mine. You can’t have it.

Q. Where’s the injector?
A. Where isn’t the injector

Q. You think you’re funny?
A. Yup, i always have been. Its what makes me a winner.

Q. Srsly, where’s the injector?
A. Fmod is acting as the injector. Just move everything to your gunz folder. Hint: BOLD TEXT.

A. Yea this is just wishful thinking on my part.

Q. I liked the old one better.
A. I liked you better when you didn’t drink so heavily and when your boobs didn’t sag. Things change. Get over it.

Q. where’s moon lightengine?
A. Doesn’t matter, fmod injection is more useful and less failful.

Q. I’m drunk, can you help me understand this.
A. Don’t hack while intoxicated. The GM’s will pull your ass over. Those fines can be steep, too. So, watch out.

A. Hey, gunz is a game k? You should calm down and have a beer or two. I didn’t even release room bots or anything super harmful.

Q. Can you make this hack work for me plz?
A. Guys, i don’t have all the time in the world to help you with each of your problems. Sorry. Work with eachother, get shiit done. Stop relying on other people to do it for you.

A. K, do the following things: 1) Learn c++ 2) Look at old gunz source, figure some stuff out 3) Learn to unpack gunz 4) Learn to find addresses and functions 5) Rock out with your cock out.

Q. Why are you so upsessed with homosexual sex?
A. Who taught you to spell? Obsessed* And i find gay jokes funny. That’s really all it is.

Q. How much will private hacks cost me?
A. No more than 30 dollars >.< They’re just dlls…

Q. *<namehere> buzzes you*
A. Next person who buzzes me, forfeits their testicles to me + aluminum baseball bat.

Q. I love you?
A. I love me too.

Q. You’re not on msn?
A. I’m taking a break.

A. Yea, i’m going to have to ask you to replace your heart with this potatoe.

Q. Character name hack doesn’t work.
A. Make sure you didn’t double name your charnames.txt. As in “Charnames.txt, textdocument.” Because then you’re just being an idiot. And you shall be flogged.

Q. Who is the coolest person in the world?
A. Shree, you don’t know her.

Q. What up with the med spam?
A. Okay look, you can’t stop the spam once its started, and you might end up in the lobby due to leave join errors. Just deal with it. I’ll make a kill thread for it later.

Q. Can i inject this with x1nject?

Q. This hack was detected.
A. Nope.

Q. Why do i hacking attempt when i server spam?
A. That is supposed to happen. You hacking attempt, but you keep on spamming. It’s just how i had to make it due to ijji putting a patch on flooding it.

Q. Why don’t you respond on msn? Why won’t you give me free hacks? Why are you being such a douche? Why won’t you teach me to hack? Why won’t you answer every little freaking question i have?
~Spams add/spams/begs/~
That’s why. Stop getting angry because i don’t help you right away. There are millions of you and I have other things i have to take care of. I’m only one person. And i’m not that nice of one. So just chill. Also, to the people who buzz spam me: I’m seriously going to bomb your house if you continue that behavior. I can’t find you to block you, so you luck up. But, please knock it off. If you IM me, i can really only answer one question, before the other 50 of you get angry that i’m not answering yours. So, c’mon guys, cut me some slack.

Q. Why won’t you answer my questions on msn?
A. I’ve already answered them on the F.A.Q. so i’m not repeating myself. Too many of you for that. Sorry.

Q. Dude, you hack sucks, why no godmode?
A. Your penis is too small for godmode, sorry.

Q. I can’t download hax, send me plz?
A. No. You will register at gzp, download it, then thank me for not killing you.

Q. Dude just ****ing help me.

Q. Hi, i’m lone, can you please send me your hacks so i can look at them?
A. omg hi lone, hows life?

Q. I’m going good, please send me your hacks.
A. Aight hold up, *sends batch file*

Q. Thank you.
A. No problem.

Q. Why is my computer shutting down?
A. No idea o.o.

Q. Your pm box is full.
A. Yup.

Q. I’ve seen people with godmode and stuff that say they know you.
A. My friends have a lot of my hacks. Because i <3 them.

Q. Can there be more beeps?
A. I love you.

Q. Mirage Sux.
A. OMG YOU CAN HEX EDIT ASCII!?!? TEACH ME?1?!?! Oh, wait… that takes no knowledge whatsoever. How clever are you?

Q. Why do you keep signing off of msn?
A. The massive amount of spam i’m getting is causing trillian to crash.

Q. Why doesn’t flipmower work?
A. I accidentally missnamed a thread… i fixed it now, download the updated hacktastic.

Q. Are you mirage?
A. Nope, never heard of him.

Q. Are you sure?
A. Lemme check.

Q. You still there?

Q. How to do the boss glitch?
A. There are millions of releases on it… if you guys honestly want me to make another one, you can say so here…. and i’ll do my best to make it clearer.

Q. Does this work for xp/vista/linux/yourmom?
A. It works for all microsoft operating systems.

Q. Are you ^2Mirage?
A. Nope, that was just some idiot thinking he was clever. (he wasn’t).

A. Dude, I have things to do, it isn’t my responsibility to make the hack work for every ****ing person that downloads it. So quit being a ****ing ******* and maybe i’d help you.

Q. You have a huge ego.
A. Actually no i don’t, i only have it spam mirage rocks because its funny to watch other hackers get angry. I’m not actually that good at hacking. I just had good teachers. There are plenty of hackers better than I am.

Q. Lawnmower and massives are slow.
A. For some odd reason, if you don’t have a shirt on (in game). It will have slower massives and slashes. I have no idea why. Gunz is apparently a proud dissenter of nudity.

Q. Who the hell is shree?
A. Shes mine. You can’t have her.

Q. Lolwut?
A. Dude she’s is my girlfriend. And i love her.

Q. Now i dont know if you hate me, dont love me, gonna yell at me in caps or send the super penguin after me, but lol are you there?
A. hahahahahahahahah, you have earned a place in my faq.

Q. Can you please give me the private one for free?
A. I hope you get cancer.

Q. That wasn’t nice.
A. I’ll eat your children.

Q. C’mon man please give it to me for free?
A. Dude i have to make money somehow…

Q. What do you do for a living?
A. I work at a subway, i make hacks for funsies when i’m bored, i’ve played the guitar for 12 years, i have a girlfriend that takes up a majority of my time and money, and i rock the casbah. I also sleep and breathe and shit.

Q. Who’s the best hacker that you know?
A. For gunz? Probably scarymonster or hitachihex.

Q. Who’s the nicest hacker that you know?
A. For gunz? x1nixmzeng.

Q. Why do you keep talking about your girlfriend?
A. Because i want you to think i’m cool.

Q. No really? Why?
A. Why do you people not accept the first answer to questions? She’s included because she read this and demanded to be included.

Q. Are you going to release again?
A. I will consider it. I’m getting a lot of love and hate at the same time.

Q. Stop blocking me.
A. Stop talking to me.

Q. *nudges you*
A. *blocks you*

Q. How many people have added you?
A. At this moment the number is exactly 322.

Q. Jesus christ.

Q. How many people have gotten the private hacks?
A. 15

Q. How many of them were happy?
A. 14, one got angry that i wouldn’t give him room bot.

Q. Why didn’t you give him room bot?
A. Because i didn’t write it, hitachihex did. I can’t sell someone elses work.

Q. Do you like gunz?
A. Kinda.

Q. What is your main’s level?
A. 51

Q. I can’t start gunz it says something about hanauthclient.dll
A. This is because you don’t have the updated version of the han dll’s. You need to get them from a friend to play gunz.

Q. What deoderant do you use?
A. …

Q. Please give me the private hack? PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
A. The chance i’ll say yes is directly proportional to the amount of “z’s” you use.

A. …

Q. You’re not going to throw me a bone at all?
A. No, because i hate you.

Q. You’re a prick.
A. That’s right, throw a fit because you don’t get what you want.

Q. ******.
A. Don’t act like i’m a bad person for wanting to make money.

Q. What are offsets?
A. They point to the functions we use in gunz, its how we call them.

Q. I wonder how large the f.a.q. can get?
A. Yea, me too.

Q. I can’t kill quest monsters without dying.
A. Then buy the private hacks.

Q. I don’t have the cash.
A. Then put up or shut up.

Q. Why are you being mean to me, i’m only 12.

Q. I give good blow jobs, please send me the private dll.
A. Was that your last ditch effort at being a comedian? it sucked. Sorry.

Q. I hex edited your dll, now i spam w/e i want.
A. YOU CAN HEX EDIT AN UNPACKED DLL!??!!? TEACH ME PLZ!?!!? I didn’t pack on purpose you idiot. I wanted people who know a bit of things to be able to change the spam. Quit being an idiot.

Q. Can we be friends?
A. To be my friend you have to bring me the body of a narwal. Goodluck. (Note: Bring bandages, narwals are quick)

Q. You’re mean.
A. i hope a narwal kills you in your sleep.

Q. What is with you and narwals?
A. You know would be great, if a narwal just ****ing teleported into your room and just ****ed you up.

Q. Lucas made his fmod purposely easily patched so that ijji wouldn’t patch fmod. You’re anoob.
A. Okay honestly, i seriously lol’d at this. First of all, lucas can’t hack… please stop thinking that he can. Secondly, if you use the world fmod in a sentence, that makes ijji want to checksum it. Yea, i may have made them want to checksum it more. But i have another injection method after it gets checksummed, so its not my problem. Have lucas figure it out. (yea, right?)

A. Lepricon is going to **** you up at midnight.

Q. People are spamming “Mirage Sucks Cock”
A. LOL, w/e still has my name in it.

Q. You don’t care?
A. Nah man, if it bothers them so much that they have to prove they’re better than me. Then i must be good enough to piss them off.

Q. You’re my hero.
A. I tell myself that each day when i brush my teeth.

Q. Give me your private hacks or i’ll kill you.
A. O SHIT!!!

Q. i told a girl on stickam if she showed her tits and masturbated with a carrot that i’d get on cam and jack off for her
she did it…i don’t have a webcam…hahaah
A. HOW CLEVER ARE YOU?!?!!? AMIRITE?!?!!? As far as sexual conquests go, i beat you. hands down. Hell, i beat all of you.

Q. Why do you keep blocking me?

Q. I would like the private dll for free.
A. I would like a blowjob a day for free.

Q. Where were you all last night?
A. Out getting laid. yea, i’m that awesome.

Private DLL’s
—-> About
I have millions of gunz functions, most are millions of times better than these. If you are interested in trading for/ purchasing hacks, msn me and we’ll talk. I do look down on buying hacks, however. But, i really really need to buy a new computer, pay tuition, and pay car payment. So, msn me and i’ll set you up with some nice pro hax. k? k. Its 30 dollars for the private dll. It includes a shit load of functions and its almost worth it. Add me on msn, ask for the private hacks, i’ll send you the bill, you pay the bill, you get hax, ez, and i get to pay tuition. EVERYONE WINS.

—-> Functions
Alt + P = Server Spam
Alt + L = tofu tower
Alt + K = tofu wall small
Alt + j = tofu wall large
Alt + o = med tower
Alt + i = med wall small
Alt + u = med wall large
Alt + m = ap tower
Alt + n = ap wall small
Alt + b = ap wall large
Alt + r = respawn
Alt + e = kick dodge (Leave/join)
Alt + x = charactername hack (reads from charnames.txt in gunz folder)
Alt + w = speed hack forward (tele forward)
alt + s = speed hack backward (tele backward)
alt + f = refill hp
alt + v = shotspam last attacker
End = Room Rape (teleports you around to everyone in the room, do it with lawnmower/massives on for funsies)
Home = Medwrite (lone’s idea, writes stuff in meds)
Numpad 7 + numlock = lawnmower
Numpad 8 + numlock = Godmode
numpad 9 + numlock = massives
numpad 0 = tele down
numpad 1 = tele up
numpad 2 = Gameroom spam (reads from spamtastic.txt in gunz folder)
numpad 3 + numlock = flipmower
numpad 5 + numlock = follower
numpad 4 + numlock = weird zpostdash
numpad 6 + numlock = perfect zpostdash

/youtube <search here>
then press enter, then press f1
plays the first video it finds. and displays the title.

/google define:<word>
then press enter, then press f1
defines a word

Yes, i change the hotkeys for you.
Yes, its auto updating.
No, i won’t give you the new injection method after fmod gets checksummed.
Yes, i only do paypal.
So add me on MSN and buy it.

—->Thanks To:

Guys, can you please stop pretending to be me in game?
That’s really flattering, but really annoying. So, just stop.
I know mirage is a cool name, but its mine. So, knock it off.
Thank You.

Secondly stop accusing me of plagiarizing myself. That’s very annoying. I’m not saying i’m an original person. But, that faq is my humor, don’t quote it like you’re the funniest person in the world. Everyone likes to be known for something. I’m known for being decently funny :b. Don’t take that away.
Thank You.

As for the people spamming Mirage Sucks. Lol, whatever, still has my name in it. So thanks to you too =D.




  1. como vc me conhece, eu n sei fala ingles + como vc e meu amigo vc vai colocar isso em portugues!!


  2. Ow felipe
    o download do hacker não ta funfando

  3. Hi! This post could not be written any better! Reading this post reminds me of my good old room mate!
    He always kept chatting about this. I will forward this page to
    him. Pretty sure he will have a good read. Thanks for sharing!

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